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Summer Fun: Learning, Playing, Getting Messy, and most of all, Having FUN! ​

In-Side-Out Early Learning will be offering three weeks with different scheduled learning themes and activities.  These activities will be hands on learning, taking place outdoors as much as possible incorporating artwork, nature, animals, and more.  The kids will be encouraged to use their creativity and environment to learn while playing, getting messy, and having fun!

Rocks, Minerals,
and Dirt


                                             June 6-8   

Construction Week



June 13-15

Rocks, Minerals and Dirt...What are they? Where do they come from? Why are they important?

Learning about rocks, minerals, and dirt with a hands on experience on a daily basis. A week filled with rocky fun, mineral knowledge, and dirty hands!

Are you a rock hound? Come join us our first week of Summer Fun to find out!

Bring out the hard hats! Grab your hammers! Round up some screws and other tools!

This will be a week filled with learning about tools and equipment that is used at small and large construction sites. The students will get the opportunity to test their skills in making a project or two while learning about the safety involved with tools and equipment. 

A fun filled week to be had by all!

A Week Off...



                                           June 20-22

Blast for last...
Water fun!


June 27-29

Due to family obligations, there will be no Summer Fun activities the week of June 19th. Back again for more fun June 27th.

Beat the heat by learning about H2O. Get ready to get wet!  Water stations will be set up everywhere: water balloons, sprinkler fun and more! There will be lessons on how mist is made, and how rainbows are formed. The students are guaranteed to come home soaking wet by the end of the day.



June camp will meet: Tuesday - Thursday from 8:30AM-11:30AM

Open to 3 + year olds!


Tuition Rate: $165 for the four weeks with a $30 non-refundable registration/supply fee.

For more information contact Josh via phone: 701-527-8072 or



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