Learning made fun!

In-Side-Out Early Learning has been developed to allow children to learn through play, environment, and hands-on experiences.

In-Side-Out Early Learning is a preschool that focuses on play based learning. Weather permitting, the students will spend a portion of each day outdoors taking in the fresh air, playing and learning. The kids will get messy and have fun. 


Now enrolling for Fall Preschool Classes!


In-Side-Out Early Learning is currently enrolling for fall classes.  The fall classes start in September focusing on play-based learning.  Kids get to enjoy the spacious classroom and the outdoors while learning the alphabet, numbers, basic cutting and glueing skills all the while preparing them for kindergarten. The school focuses on social/emotional skills as well and will help kids adjust to being away from home and in a learning environment for three half-days a week.

The preschool classes are open to 3 year olds +


More information on the Fall Preschool classes can be found on the "Fall Preschool" page of our website.

Early Learning

Tuition Rates

Summer Fun Tuition - TBD

The Summer Fun program is still being organized for the summer of 2020

Fall Preschool Tuition rates

Rates are $205/month (3 day class) and $185/month (2 day class) with a $100 non-refundable supply fee.

Fieldtrip expenses (if required) will be in addition to the tuition and will be announced prior to the fieldtrip.

To obtain more information about registering your child, please contact the school director at:

Cell: (701)527-8072

Email: insideoutearlylearning@gmail.com

Due to the safety of the children and staff, please call in advance to set up an appointment to tour the school and learn more about the program.


All children enrolled at In-Side-Out Early Learning must be three years old.

Fieldtrips and Learning Opportunities

The staff at In-Side-Out Early Learning feel strongly about the importance of incorporating field trips into learning. Field trips will be scheduled to different places throughout the school year.

These trips may include places like:

  • The Dakota Zoo                                       

  • The library

  • Papa's Pumpkin Patch

  • The ice skating rink

  • A fire station

  • Gateway to Science

  • and others

Fun at the Patch!

Fun at the Patch!



How cows are milked!

How cows are milked!

Bottling milk lesson!

Bottling milk lesson!

Corn Crib - corn, corn EVERYWHERE!

Corn Crib - corn, corn EVERYWHERE!





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