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In-Side-Out Early Learning


The more children know about their world, the easier it is for them to read and learn when they get to elementary school. Efforts to build children’s vocabulary are more successful when children have engaging, challenging, and exciting things about which to communicate. In-Side-Out Early Learning knows how to effectively weave all this content (reading, science, math, or geography) throughout our entire academic program, enriching children’s language and early reading skills, as well as their background knowledge.

Our Philosophy

​Children learn best through challenging their world, exploring the environment and through play-based environments.
In-Side-Out Early Learning provides a program that develops children's mental, physical, and social skills. The program partners with parents to create an environment geared toward the success of all students.
In-Side-Out Early Learning believes children learn better through a positive and safe learning environment. The extensive play-based curriculum promotes curiosity, discovering new concepts, and social skills.
The program continuously provides curriculum that builds on the child’s current level of performance. 

Our Staff

​Joshua Smith

Founder/owner, Director/Preschool Teacher of In-Side-Out Early Learning


Joshua Smith is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. Upon return from Iraq, he attended the University of Mary receiving his Bachelors of Science Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education with a Middle School Equivalency. In addition to these degrees, he obtained reading and math credentials. After completing his education, he and his wife (with the help of their three children) designed, constructed and finished the building that is now known as In-Side-Out Early Learning. His desire to educate children while allowing them to play and explore their surroundings inside and outside has been made possible through much hard work and dedication.

Amy Jirsa-Smith 

Part-time helper/assistant, Wife/Mother

Amy Jirsa-Smith helps in the preschool on an extremely part-time basis while the students are present but helps in the background with projects, decorations, pictures, and social media. Her behind the scenes (mostly evening) work, while mostly unknown/unseen, is essential to the functioning of In-Side-Out Early Learning.

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