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A big part of what makes learning such a success is parental involvement. At In-Side-Out Early Learning, we want to be sure to include parents as much as possible.


Pages for each of our classes have been compiled to provide parents with information specific to your child's class.  The page for each class will include information such as the snack calendar, field trip information and sign-up links, the parent handbook, and any other information that may be pertinent to your child, their class, and their learning.

If you have suggestions on things that you feel could make this page even more useful to you, as a parent, feel free to shoot us an email and we will do what we can to accomodate.

Show and Share

Show and Share, similar to what many know as "Show and Tell," is something that In-Side-Out Early Learning has found to be beneficial for our students.

How does "Show and Share" work at our school?

  • The helper for the day should bring an item from home that they would like to share with their friends. 

  • The item should be something that will fit in their backpack unless prior approval is granted (ie live pets such as a guinea pig or rabbit, parents/grandparents, guitar, skateboard, etc).

  • The item will be kept in their bag until the designated time for sharing at which time they will be prompted to retrieve the item.

  • After retrieving the item, they will get in front of their classmates and give the class a hint about what they brought prior to showing the item to the class.

  • The child will then call on each classmate by name to ask for their guess at what the item may be.

  • After all of the guesses, the child will show the item to the class and talk more about it.

  • The child is asked if they want their classmates to be able to touch the item or not touch it. If they say they can touch the item then the student showing the item will walk around and allow each classmate to touch the item gently. If they do not want it to be touched, the student will walk around the room to allow everyone to see the item up close.

How is "Show and Share" beneficial for the students?

  • Students are given an opportunity to speak in front of others.

  • Each student gets to be the center of attention.

  • Students share things from home with their friends and teacher.

  • Students choose items that are meaningful to them to talk about.

  • Students learn to respect each other's turn to talk.

  • Students practice the skill of listening to and answering simple questions.

  • Students practice the skill of asking simple questions.

  • Students are required to learn their classmate's/friend's names.

Student Helper Roles and Expectations

For each school day, one student is designated as the helper for the day.

What is expected from the designated helpers?

The helpers are expected to: ​

  • Help the teacher hand out project materials

  • Help the teacher hand out snacks including napkins and any utensils needed

  • Help the teacher with calendar and circle time

  • Be the line leader for going outside or up and down the stairs

In addition to being the helper for the day, the student will be required to bring a snack item for all students in the class (including the teacher) as well as an item for "show and share."

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